Israel IPO - Initial Public Offering
April 02 2014

New study finds 164 Israeli companies ready for IPOs

While much attention has been given to Israeli start-ups sold on to multinational technology companies, there are also a considerable number of growth companies who have built themselves up and are ready to trade publicly rather than run for high-profile exits, according to a new study by IVC Research Center.

Israel Facebook Developers
March 26 2014

Israeli Facebook developers launch DeepFace facial recognition technology

Almost two years after Facebook’s controversial acquisition of Israeli facial recognition company, developers now integrated into Facebook’s team have significantly improved the system, together with researchers from Tel Aviv University.

The new system, dubbed ‘DeepFace’, can recognize faces at all angles with an accuracy of 97.2%, close to the accuracy of human recognition.

Meta 3D Glasses
March 05 2014

Israeli company challenges Google Glass with a sleek, fast competitor

One of the most talked-about presentations at the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona was Meta Pro, a pair of fashionable 3D augmented-reality glasses with five times the computing power of an iPhone. Comparisons were constantly with Google’s upcoming Google Glass: Meta claims to outdo Google in almost every respect, with a field of vision 15 times larger than Glass, faster computing power, and the ability to use the glasses while driving. This last factor is important, as Google Glass has already been banned for use while driving vehicles.