Israel UAV Drone
February 08 2013

Israel and Drone (UAV) Military and Civilian Technology

It seems that the issue of drones used by military has finally broken into the main stream media following a few high profile events in the US. The first was the release of a white paper defending the practice of executing suspected terrorists by the US abroad, including US citizens. High profile confirmation hearings in the US Senate on President Obama’s nominee for CIA Director, Josh Brennan featured many questions from lawmakers on the legality and ethical issues surrounding this technology.

When it comes to using drones for military and civilian purposes Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the UAV industry. Not only does the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) use drones to carry out strikes, they also have many companies which export this technology abroad for a variety of purposes.

Yair Lapid
January 27 2013

What Does Yair Lapid Mean for the Israeli Economy?

Yair Lapid was certainly the dark horse of the 2013 Israeli general elections. With all the polls predicting his new party Yesh Atid would get at most 12 seats, Lapid came in second place with 19 mandates for the 19th Knesset. While all the pundits in Israel and abroad were busy predicting an Israeli election that focused on Benjamin Netanyahu and his new partnership with Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu the new coalition government will surely include Lapid with a requirement to implement his vision for economic and social reforms.

Israel Medical Marijuana Plant
January 18 2013

How Israel Became a World Leader in Medical Marijuana

Of all the places in the world associated with medical marijuana, Israel doesn’t make most people’s top ten list. While marijuana has been decriminalized in the Netherlands for decades, and cannabis is approved for medial use in 18 US states, Israel has quietly become a world leader in treating illness and managing pain with marijuana.

Israel Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz
January 14 2013

Israel's 2012 deficit rises to 4.2%

The government deficit in 2012 totaled NIS 39 billion, 4.2% of GDP, more than double the figure planned, the Ministry of Finance announced today. The original deficit target was NIS 18.3 billion, or 2% of GDP.

The Ministry of Finance today admitted the unprecedented deviation from the original budget was due to an NIS 18.5 million shortfall in projected tax revenues. The ministry added that, even after the revised tax revenues projection made in early 2012, the revenues shortfall was NIS 2.21 billion.