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Israeli workers decontaminate a bus
March 29 2020

COVID-19 continues to spread in Israel

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Israel. As the political drama comes to a close and a government is formed, what is Israel doing to mitigate the impact of this once in a century disaster?

medical marijuana in Israel
January 09 2017

The dawn of medical marijuana in Israel

For many countries, research into the potential medicinal effects of marijuana is relatively new, but for others, like Israel, the research has been ongoing for decades. In fact, Israel seized 10 pounds of the drug all the way back in the 1960’s and has been researching its psychoactive ingredients and medicinal properties ever since.

Israeli Palestinian Soccer
February 10 2014

Soccer Unites Israeli and Arab Children

Despite the regional tensions Israeli and Arab children have managed to put their differences aside and focus on one of the things that unites them; soccer. Perhaps there may be a ray of hope for peace yet. As part of the Equalizer project, Israeli and Arab children from northern towns and villages gathered last week at Kiryat Shimona municipal stadium for a soccer tournament.

Israel Kippa Soccer Football
January 14 2014

Israeli Soccer League Permits Yarmulke-Wearing Athletes

Israel may be a Jewish state but religious discrimination is still a widespread problem among many sectors, including sports. While Israel may not measure up to America's tolerance of religion and sports, an Israeli football league has recently decided to accommodate their religious players.