Israel Economy

Israeli man donning protective gear
June 26 2020

Coronavirus cases on the rise worldwide

On the 24th, the United States reported 45,500 cases, the highest number of cases in a single day after a prolonged streak of stagnating rates of transmission. Similar trends seem to be popping up throughout the world, and although most governments are hesitant to call this the "second wave" as economies continue to suffer from coronavirus and approval ratings plummet worldwide, Israel's government does not mince words.

Ambulance with masked paramedics
April 22 2020

Israel Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus continues to spread through Israel, but the rate seems to be slowing. Cautiously optimistic, the government has begun relaxing restrictions, raising the distance people may travel from their homes from 100 meters to 500 meters, re-opening limited special education programming, and allowing outdoor prayers in groups of up to 19.

United Nations, Israel seat empty
February 25 2020

What is the UNHRC?

The UNHRC released its database on companies operating in the West Bank. What is this database, and what does it mean for businesses operating in Israel?

Busy Israeli Market
January 07 2020

Going into 2020 – Israeli tourism is booming

According to the numbers just released by the Israel Bureau of Statistics, Israel has become an incredibly attractive destination. 4.5 million tourists visited the tiny nation in 2019 (a huge number for a country of just 9 million). Compare that with 2.89 million tourists in 2016, and Israeli tourism appears to be having a spate of miraculous growth.

Israel Tourism
January 13 2017

Israel smashes tourism records with nearly 3 million visitors in 2016

Tourism is one of the largest industries around the world and for just about any country it’s essential to their very survival. For Israel, this is actually becoming even more important and it’s actually becoming even more profitable as well. In fact, in the last three months the country hit an all-time high in the amount of people who visited as a tourist in the region.